Having a run


Hey Guys - if anyone is interested in keeping up with their fitness (or trying to offset the 20 beers you had last Monday) we are planning on having a run tomorrow (Thursday) night.

Details - meet at Stude Park at 6:30pm (park in the car park on Usener - which happens to be opposite Adams place), we will run a few miles, maybe have a quick kick and then the night is yours.  But I would suggest a beverage at an establishment situated on White Oak.

Give me a bell if you want to know more.


PS Next game is likely to be in Houston on the 20th of Aug which will be a 3 way between Austin/Baton Rouge & Houston.

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Summer Break


Hey Guys - we are now on a summer training break (although most of you have been for a while now - slackers!!) so we won't be having our weekly training sessions. We will continue to meet socially every other week for a beer (will email out details).

To kick that off - lets get together tomorrow (Thursday) night at Cedar Creek from 7pm to celebrate the start of summer. Hope to see you there.

Coach Dan

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