Training Reminder & News

Hey Guys,

Training is on Tuesday & Thursday this week. If we get good numbers on Tuesday we will play a metro game, so try your very best to turn up and have a game. We will be at Spring Branch Middle School (or over the road if not available) from 6pm.

Remember to register on USAFL - before the end of April it will only cost $40.

Chris B was productive this week and has created a flyer for the club - if you can print and leave around town, go for it. Or post it online on various forums. Link to image is:

Remember that we have a game in Dallas on the 7th - so let me know if you can make it and whether you need transport and/or accomadation.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Coach Dan

Training & Other Cool Information

Hey Guys,

Training is on tonight and Thursday at Spring Branch Middle School from 6pm onwards.  If you arrive late and we aren't there - look over the road to the other fields.

Please remember to register on the USAFL site - this is important for gaining Nationals eligibility.

Our next game is @Dallas on the 7th May - lock it in your calendars as it is a great weekend.  We have booked a bunch of rooms booked already - first people to confirm will get first dibs on those.

I also want to highlight the effort and outcome of the game in Austin last Saturday.  Shaun and I were both very pleased with the performance.  Matt Stevens was excellent at full back and may have locked himself into that position for good, Justin Vaughn & Craig Ruggles were great throuigh the midfield. I could go through the entire list and highlight the positives, but my fingers are sore from all this typing - good effort guys, lets see more of the same against Dallas.

One last thing - how do you all feel about having a metro game next Thursday evening? Let me know at training or via email if you can make it.

Coach Dan