Season 2011


Hey Guys (& gals?),

We are starting to get close to that time of year where we all strap on the boots and start kicking the leather around again. I just wanted to update you all on what my vision for this season is.


We will start our "official" sessions on Saturday Feb 19th and will move to Tues/Thur nights a few weeks later. At the moment we will utilize the normal locations of Spring Branch Middle School or Memorial Park.  If anyone has a better venue (within the beltway preferably) please let me know.


As the 19th is our first session - we will have a BBQ at my house (or something similar), after training.

Monthly viewing parties at either a Bar or at someone's house (depends on what coverage is available this year).

Post match parties.


I haven't finalised a schedule yet - but will be working with the other local teams to get that set in stone over the next few weeks.  What I anticipate so far:

  • 2 x Houston v Austin
  • 2+ Houston v Baton Rouge
  • 1 Crawfish Cup in Dallas
  • 1 Houston/Baton Rouge v Austin (SEC tailgate included).
  • Nationals in Austin (October).
  • Metro league style games (these are say 6 v 6 players on small fields) every second week in Houston.

Obviously none of this can happen without other contributions, so if anyone can spare the time to get involved with helping out, or contributing in other ways please let me know. 

Stay tuned for more details.

Coach Dan


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Footy frenzy: An Australian game with all-American style


Thanks to Peter Barnes and culturemap we have a great write up about us and footy. Peter starts out writing:

"The day before millions gathered in front of their TVs, lining up rows of  salty goodies at the altar of the Super Bowl, I was on another football field in Spring Branch about to pass out....."

For the full article see the article on culturemap


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