Footy frenzy: An Australian game with all-American style


Thanks to Peter Barnes and culturemap we have a great write up about us and footy. Peter starts out writing:

"The day before millions gathered in front of their TVs, lining up rows of  salty goodies at the altar of the Super Bowl, I was on another football field in Spring Branch about to pass out....."

For the full article see the article on culturemap


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2010 Goals


Houston Footy Club had its first official meeting after our first training run on Saturday the 23rd Jan. We have filled the following positions:

  • President: Dan Holwerda
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Matt Stevens/Charles Dang
  • Web master: Dan/Vanessa Varis
  • Coach: Dan
  • Assistant Coach: Shaun Whitehouse
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach: Jared Maidenberg
  • Committee Members: Nick Plaisance/Justin Vaughn/Q-Tip/Alfonso

There is plenty to do over the next few months, some of the items high on the agenda are:

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