Training Update


Hey Guys,

Given the heat and the fact that a few of you (that regularly attend) have already sent in apologies - we might cancel tonights (8/4) scheduled kick.

To keep you in the loop, our summer/fall schedule looks like this:

Baton Rouge @ Houston - August 27th

Baton Rouge @ Baton Rouge - Sept 10th

Austin @ Houston - Sept 17th

Nationals @ Austin - Oct 9-10th

Please register if you haven't already at or you won't be able to play nationals.

We are going to start official training again next week the 11th of August.  So gear up and man up!



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Thursday Run


Hey Guys - if anyone wants to come out for a kick on Thursday, we are going to check out a new space that the bearded one found, which may be suitable for training and games. We will follow it up with a tasty beverage and snack.

Lets meet at 6:30pm at Bendwood Park (see below for directions) - will have a quick training session and possibly a run to keep the fitness levels up. Please let me know if you can make it.


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