About AFL and the Houston Australian Football Club

Looking to get fit, learn a fun new sport and meet a great bunch of ‘blokes’ and ‘sheilas’? We are a group of Aussies, Texans, Canadians, Irish and various others in Houston who get together on a weekly basis for fun and exercise around the ‘Greatest Game on Earth’ – Australian Football. Also known as AFL, Aussie Rules, and Footy. All are welcome to come out and have a kick any time.

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We are looking for anyine that wants to learn our great game and have a run around, a kick or handpass. You don't necessarily have to want to play in the full contact games - just participating in our club and having fun is welcome.

We are also looking for serious players who want to take it to the next level and play in the US Australian Football League(USAFL), for the US National Teams - the US Revoultion & US Freedom or even for a club in Australia! 

Our schedule will involve playing approx 6-10 games per year against teams such as Dallas, Austin, Baton Rouge, Ft Lauderdale and more.  

The team is comprised of mostly young professionals – a mix of American, Irish and Australian players that can introduce you to the basics and necessary skills of the game. We currently meet up once or twice a week for a run and a kick of the footy. The game is physical and easy to learn with great a workout involved.  

We are also welcoming Women players to help start a Texas team in 2016! 


We are very much a Family club at Houston. We welcome all spectators and club supporters who enjoy watching a great sport and participating in fun social events at various events around Houston.  We are a very family orientated club and love to the kids out running around and supporting the team. Junior footy clinics are held regularly.  If you are new to Houston it is a great way to have 40 instant mates and the girls and kids are more than welcome to come out for a fitness run, kick and join us on the road at away games.