2010 Goals

Houston Footy Club had its first official meeting after our first training run on Saturday the 23rd Jan. We have filled the following positions:

  • President: Dan Holwerda
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Matt Stevens/Charles Dang
  • Web master: Dan/Vanessa Varis
  • Coach: Dan
  • Assistant Coach: Shaun Whitehouse
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach: Jared Maidenberg
  • Committee Members: Nick Plaisance/Justin Vaughn/Q-Tip/Alfonso

There is plenty to do over the next few months, some of the items high on the agenda are:

  • Recruiting - word of mouth has been working pretty well, as well as people seeing us kicking around.  Other methods we will try are putting up flyers at the Uni's and using the interwebz, such as craigslist, meetup, etc etc
  • Event Planning - post games we need a venue to drink away the sore and hurting bodies, as well as celebrate victories ;) We also would like to throw a couple parties as fund raisers - looking at you Mr M.F. Dang to think about this one.
  • Ground - still need to find a place to play, would like some volunteers to drive around town to scout out locations.
  • Put together some gear, like first aid, uniforms, goal posts etc

Below are a couple of the outcomes of our meeting:

  1. Join the USAFL and sign the constitution
  2. Play some games against Baton Rouge
  3. Play some games with Baton Rouge v Dallas/Austion
  4. Have fun, drink a few beers and develop the social aspects of the club
  5. Develop the internals like setting up as a NPO, finances, etc.

 Hopefully we can have a successful year, if not on the park then off it.