Match Report - Central Regionals @ Indy - June 11th 2016

Lonestars win Division 2 title at USAFL Central Regionals Tournament in Indianapolis

Victory! A glorious, glorious victory.  For the first time in our short history the Lonestars have won a Divisional title at the Central Regionals tournament.  Such a momentous event deserves more than a mere recount of events.  No, an achievement of such epic proportions deserves, nay demands, an account to echo through the ages.  And if the iambic pentameter format has been good enough for Shakespeare to endure the annals of literary history, then dammit it is good enough for a Lonestars match report.  


Oh gather, oh brethren, learn of deeds great
of battles true in the Hoosier State.
A footy carnival in the Midwest
new chance to play some of USA's best.
A squad comprised of a keen 23
harbored ambition of sweet victory.

~Act 1. HOU def Ohio River Rats 3.6.24 to 3.1.19~

Opponent Ohio, mystery team
runner up in Austin, Division 3.
Dark horse at Indy, no flight, just a drive
intent on scalp to prove they had arrived.
'Stars started strong, showing we were awake
first goal of day kicked by "fertile" Blake.
On top in the middle, confidence grown
but structure and game plan went out window.
Players pushed up field, crowded forward line
result for effort? No goals, just behinds.
Half time address and the coaches implored
stick to our structures, receive our reward.
Tidy up skills, remove simple mistakes
outcome, a goal to DB via Blake.
Jesse ran free, JD and Jeff won ruck
but further behinds displayed lack of luck.
Intent unquestioned, execution lax
Ohio left to run free in attack.
Successive majors kicked into the wind
first time all day, River Rats dreamed of win.
But 1 point behind, 10 seconds to go
match winner kicked by "Creature" Restrepo.
Narrow escape, or timed to perfection
still two chances for game plan redemption.

Goals: Blake, DB, Restrepo.

~Act 2. HOU def Chicago Swans 8.7.55 to 4.3.27~

Memories of last year, scars were still raw
Austin Nationals, Swans salvaged late draw.
And also Racine, a Regionals farce
Swans went home instead of facing Lonestars.
Of other three teams, only reg Div 2
big game v Chicago, big point to prove.
Kicked into the wind to start play again
indications early, much cleaner game.
Stevens played on ball, repelled most attacks
Seany's pressure stopped ball coming back.
When Swans did get through (t'was hardly at all)
Fielder, Simon, Morris, and Sam stood tall.
Young Nik was inspired, charged into fray
but injured shoulder paid end to his day.
Hamstrings of Scotty and Chisi went ping
undeterred, the Lonestars pushed for the win.
Matt L made the shift to Centre Half Back
"Creature", Anastas, Ricko ruled attack.
"Wily" Bryant dominant on one pin
Ahmed and Boothby racked up ball on wing.
2nd half, our favorite piece of play
Jesse Carcamo kicked goal of the day.
Ruck Tap from Tommy, 1-2 with Jeff Jam
perfect display of desired game plan.
In contrast to Game 1, we held our space
smart switching from Diesel released our pace.
Winners ground over, all players on song
this brand of football in Div 1 belonged.

Goals: Anastas 2, Veroude 2, Restrepo 2, Tom D, Jesse.

~Act 3. HOU def Tulsa Buffaloes 10.6.66 to 0.1.1~

And thus we progress, the day's final throes
a game against winless Tulsa Buff'los.
Pickle juice bought, secret weapon on show
Fielder's warm up had team ready to go.
Game Three v Tulsa saw much of the same
our Donnelly bookends controlled the game.
Sam D the marshal of stingy backline
Tommy spoon fed by disposal sublime.
With contested marks, 4 goals his reward
Phil's tackling pressure a sight to behold.
Half time address had familiar ring
stick to our structures, maintain discipline.
"Creature" goaled. Ricko, Anastas kicked brace
cramping players galore, succumbed to pace.
A growing bench saw guys play in new roles
the highlight here, JD's last minute goal.
66 to 1, final score belied
the ongoing pressure Tulsa applied.

Goals: Tom D 4, Anastas 2, Veroude 2, Restrepo, Devlin. 


With final whistle, Lonestars began toast
tough part for coaches, distributing votes.
How to distinguish amongst even team
as tough as it sounds, in fact coach's dream.

Could not have achieved without day support

Carolina, Sonni, Meath, we applaud.
Game plans executed, growth of new guys
lessons from training laid out for all eyes.
Balanced the team, solid structures in place
worked for each other. Created time, space.
Challenge remains, progress forward herein
carry momentum to Nationals win!
Best Players: “Creature” Restrepo, Jesse Carcamo, David Anastas, Tom Donnelly, Dave Bryant, Sam Donnelly, Matt Stevens
~By Scott Cameron